The “3 pieces of advice” series was born in 2019 as part of our annual event for in-house lawyers. These brief 5-minute slots were created as a platform for attendees to volunteer to share work and life advice with their fellow peers.

Is the current working from home set-up a revolution or evolution? In this latest video, Mercedes-Benz UK Group General Counsel Jonathan Lipman shares his advice around how to balance working remotely with going back to the office.

My 3 pieces of advice by Jonathan Lipman from The Lawyer on Vimeo.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Lipman has been Group General Counsel at Mercedes-Benz UK since November 2013. He leads a team of 12 who provide a wide variety of legal advice to the Mercedes-Benz Group in the UK. It operates wholesale, retail, finance and insurance business across the passenger car, van, truck and bus markets. Jonathan’s team also advises the high-performance powertrains business (F1 engines). Before working for Mercedes-Benz, Jonathan was Head of Legal Affairs for seven years at PSA Peugeot Citroen.