The “3 pieces of advice” series is a collection of brief 5-minute slots created as a platform for legal professionals to share work and life advice with their peers.

In this latest video, Shoosmiths’ head of knowledge management & L&D Caroline White-Robinson shares her 3 pieces of advice around avoiding the feelings and thoughts attached to failure: “No one likes to fail and have others see them as a failure and no one likes the embarrassment that comes with failure.”

My 3 pieces of advice by Caroline White-Robinson from The Lawyer on Vimeo.

About Caroline:

I have been in a Head of Learning and Development role for the last fifteen years spanning the legal and pharmaceutical industry. To be effective I believe in having a strong passion for Strategic Leadership and Management Development, not only ensuring that people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential should they wish to but to drive forward teams and departments to be the best they can be. Pragmatic, driven and optimistic are words I would like to use to describe myself on an a day to day basis but I am a “futurologist” at heart, always wondering what is around the corner next.