Music to your ears

Music lawyers are always keen to point out their extensive knowledge of the industry and, whatever their age, of still being down with the kids.
Hence the latest offering from Collyer-Bristow's music and entertainment team. They have produced a compilation CD of what they describe as “16 pop dance tracks”. Tulkinghorn was delighted to receive a copy in the post and thought that the firm had produced its own band to challenge the hegemony of Morrison & Foerster's band. If memory serves, that band produced such classic lyrics as: “We'll do your IP, we'll do your IPOs,” and then there was KPMG's offering of “KPMG, we're as strong as can be”. Unfortunately, Collyer-Bristow's tape is simply a collection of tracks by unsigned artists.
Frankly, having listened to a few of the songs, Collyer-Bristow would be better off seeking a deal for the in-house bands at MoFo and KPMG – perhaps between them they could produce an anthem for the lawyers' world cup.