Music row makes crescendo to High Court

In August we spotlighted a music industry row over the name of 60s group The Hollies. That dispute has now been settled, giving the group all they were seeking including undisclosed damages.

But in the wake of the settlement, the solicitor who handled the case, Brian Eagles of Nabarro Nathanson, says two new actions are heading for early hearings in the High Court's Chancery Division.

In the settled case, brought in the name of The Hollies Ltd and current group members Anthony Hicks, Robert Ellis and Harold Clarke, a court order was sought banning Rochdale management company Brian Gannon Management from linking the name of the Hollies with a group set up by their one-time bass guitarist, Eric Haydock.

But now new action is under way, this time against Haydock and Winchester-based music promoter JA Cozens. In a case similar to the settled one they face claims for damages and orders banning them from using the name The Hollies.

Eagles says the latest action aims to prevent references by Haydock's group which indicate it is connected in any way with the original Hollies who still perform and record.

Haydock played with the band during the period 1962 to 1966 but has not been connected with them since.

As well as asking for a court ban and damages The Hollies are looking for delivery up or destruction of all packaging and other articles, documents and materials which would breach the injunction they are seeking if used.