Associates at Morgan Lewis & Bockius will be able to work from home for up to two days per week from 1 May, as the US firm launches a remote working policy.

The American-founded firm trialled the system successfully and will now roll it out permanently. Associates in the firm’s US and UK offices will be eligible.  

The chair of the firm, Jami McKeon, said, “Our clients have long recognised the value and effectiveness of remote working programs, and we know these programs work well. It is well established that they provide significant benefits for the individuals without any reduction in the quality or level of service. Our experience reinforces that wisdom.”

Flexible working has taken off in the UK in the past two years. Among the firms that have adopted it are Schillings, which is offering voluntary agile working to lawyers and staff and suggests employees should come in two days per week, and Baker & McKenzie, which now offers flexible working to all staff.

Flexible working for lawyers: who’s doing what?