More income rises in solid year

Financial figures for last year continue to trickle in and while there are few striking increases, most sets have performed solidly in an often-difficult climate. Seven Bedford Row saw turnover rise by 9 per cent, breaking through the £15m barrier for the first time. With 71 of the set’s 77 members practising throughout the year, revenue per barrister went up by 5 per cent to a respectable £216,000.

Around the corner, the smaller 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square posted a slight income rise to £10.6m from £10.2m. The set matches Seven Bedford Row’s revenue per barrister mark after losing three members during the year.

Outside London, Exchange Chambers had a difficult 2005-06. The North West giant managed to get revenues up by 1 per cent to £14.3m, but after a year of aggressive recruitment, revenue per barrister dropped to less than £160,000.