Mob mentality

Tulkinghorn has long suspected as much, but evidence recently reached him that there is something of the mafiosa about Allen & Overy (A&O).

It was a fateful day late last month (22 February) when the global godfather of A&O’s communications team David Crundwell gathered all his trusted lieutenants together in one room for a cosy nostra chat.

After the day-long indoctrination into the A&O way, Crundwell took his gang down to the Soho version of Bada Bing (well, Akbar in Dean Street) for some R&R.

And what was on the menu? A horse’s head.

Crundwell assures Tulkinghorn that the equine bonce was in fact made of ice and not Guy Beringer’s cranium. He added that the chap who supplied said item “spends most of his day in the freezer with power tools”.

At which point Tulkinghorn made his excuses and left.