There appears to be some serious identity issues going on at Russell Jones & Walker. Take, for example, the firm’s clinical negligence head Rosa-mund Rhodes-Kemp. According to the firm’s website, she doesn’t exist.
Light was shed on the mystery by a call from one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes to a helpful marketing team member, who explained that the firm (and presumably her team) was “gradually adding partners to the site as we get their biogs”. But, she added, this was not a priority.
So just how many partners do not appear on the site? “Oh,” revealed the marketer, “a hell of a lot.”
Let’s just hope that clients don’t want to do anything silly – like use the site to find a lawyer.
Which managing partner of a top 20 law firm kept a permanent suite of rooms at The Savoy until a canny partner spotted this bit of off-balance sheet spending?