Mis-Claridge of justice

Tulkinghorn is rather fond of Claridges Hotel, as it is where he did most of his courting of Mrs Tulkinghorn. What he likes most is its timelessness – the place doesn't seem to have changed since the days when Tulkinghorn was a young buck.
And it is not just in décor that Claridges has stayed the same, but also in social mores. Two of Tulkinghorn's female scouts were recently treating DLA managing partner Nigel Knowles to an extremely delicious lunch at the new Gordon Ramsey restaurant at Claridges.
Unfortunately, Knowles had to rush back to the office and so the two scouts were left to finish their coffee. Then one of Tulkinghorn's gals ordered the bill and waited for it to arrive… and waited… and waited. After about a quarter of an hour or so, she began to think that something was amiss and that the busy waiters had forgotten all about charging her.
It was then that the head waiter came over and enquired as to where “the gentleman” had gone. When told that Knowles had left, the waiter explained that he had been waiting for him to return to give him the bill.
Obviously, in Claridges' little world, expense accounts are never in a woman's name – but it is exactly that traditional way of doing things that makes it so special, one supposes.