Mini-me’s entrance fee

More news on the Freshfields restructuring. Now it transpires that the magic circle firm’s radical downsizing of its equity partnership and sharp focus on controlling costs has led to a return to good, old-fashioned Victorian values. In the shape of child labour.

It has emerged that corporate star partner David Higgins has enlisted his son Angus to do some heavy lifting at the firm. A Freshfields spy reported that Higgins junior was spotted photocopying, presumably making a few Pru-related pics. Rumours that he was later seen polishing the shoes of the lawyers on the Tussauds sale, having been asked to prove that wax really does work, could not be confirmed.

Still, at least the plan itself appears to be working. Angus answered in the affirmative when asked whether he was enjoying himself and whether he wanted to be a lawyer like his dad.

Freshfields: The Next Generation, starts here.