Milbanks makes Angoorly up to partner in Singapore office

US firm Milbank Tweed Had- ley & McCloy has responded to the need for English law in the Far East by electing Caroline Angoorly as a partner in its Singapore office.

Angoorly, who is a qualified barrister as well as a solicitor, will be responsible for leading the firm's English law practice in Asia. She has worked in international project finance throughout Asia and Australia for almost 10 years.

Gary Wigmore, head of Milbanks' Asian project practice, said: “Caroline is one of the most respected, well known and capable project finance attorneys in Asia. Since joining our team nearly three years ago, she has grown our business. She will be a valuable partner with a unique set of skills.”

Wigmore said the move to appoint Angoorly as head of the English law practice showed the firm's commitment to remain in the lead in Asia. Milbanks, which was the first US firm in Tokyo, has a strong regional presence with offices in Jakarta and Hong Kong as well as Singapore.

Milbanks said it was among the first firms to pioneer the dual practice of US and English law. A statement issued by the firm said it believed “English law capabilities” were increasingly important in Asian project transactions and met the needs of international clients.

Angoorly will work with many multinational clients, and will liaise closely with Milbanks' London and US offices.