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Middle East and Africa Briefings

Turkey: Can your salary be paid in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be briefly defined as a new virtual payment system. It provides an online payment opportunity for the purchase of goods and services. Transactions in Bitcoin can be made between users without the need of an intermediary, as the system that does not require a central pool or sole manager, making it the first […]

Regulations on decommissioning of oil and gas facilities

Presidential Decree 91/18 of 10 April 2018 (“PD 91/18”) enacted the regulations on abandonment and decommissioning of upstream oil and gas facilities located in Angola. Below you will find an overview of PD 91/18…

Angola: What is new in public procurement

Presidential Decree 88/18 came into force on 6 April and establishes the rules for the organization and operation of the Unidades de Contratação Pública [Public Procurement Units] (“UCP”). These Units will intervene at the stages of formation and management of projects and contracts executed by Entidades Públicas Contratantes [Public Contracting Entities] (“EPC”), i.e., public entities […]

A Swiss perspective on the taxation of initial coin offerings

By Marius Breier, Peter Hongler, and Maurus Winzap Recently, start-ups and even well-established companies have become increasingly interested in issuing coins or tokens as a new way to finance their business activities. In an initial coin offering (ICO), also called a token sale or token-generating event, the issuer raises funds from investors based on a […]

Global BEPS report 2017

The objective of this deck is to provide a summary of the impact to date of the OECD’s BEPS project on local legislation and audits / tax enquiries…

Mozambique banking regulation 2018

By Nuno Castelão, Maria Roussal and Guilherme Daniel Mozambique’s banking sector is undergoing significant legislative reform. Events of the recent past, such as the Bank of Mozambique’s intervention in Moza Banco in 2016 and the ongoing liquidation of Nosso Banco, amongst others, have exposed fragilities in the legal framework in force…

Angola banking regulation 2018

By Hugo Moredo Santos and Filipa Fonseca Santos It is probable that the economic and financial crises which affected Angola after oil prices began to drop in 2015, may persist. As a result, banks are unlikely to have the appetite to boost lending and raise credit risk, at least until economic diversification, normalisation of their correspondent […]

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