Microsystems and LexisNexis UK Join Forces to Transform the Way Lawyers Draft Legal Documents

Downers Grove, IL – July 23, 2013 – Microsystems, a leading provider of software and services that drive document quality, production efficiency and risk mitigation, today announced that the foremost agreement checking solution, EagleEye, is a core component in LexisDraft, the United Kingdom’s first legal drafting solution to include leading drafting services in Microsoft Word.

EagleEye’s expanded accessibility to the UK legal market, through its incorporation in LexisDraft, comes as more global law firms look to automation to ensure document quality and increase drafting and review efficiency. 

Rated A+ by BigLaw, EagleEye automates the review of defined terms and phrases, references and punctuation in legal agreements to ensure completeness, accuracy, consistency and lack of ambiguity. Designed for lawyers, EagleEye speeds the transactional document drafting and review process, while reducing the risk of human error.

According to Richard Belthoff, BigLaw reviewer and Wells Fargo Senior Company Counsel, “EagleEye leaves no stone unturned when checking for inconsistent phrases. You will see improvements in your documents as soon as your lawyers and staff start using EagleEye.”

Since its release last year, EagleEye has quickly garnered attention from law firms looking to meet client demands for quicker document turnaround while maintaining profitability, and is already providing many of the world’s leading law firms with a more thorough and efficient document review process. 

According to Melissa Ruman Stewart, Chair of the Syndicated Finance Group at Winstead PC, “EagleEye is easy to use, flexible, and it delivers results quickly—even on large agreements.”

Adds Toby Adamson, Vice President Product Management at Microsystems, “We’re finding that lawyers are especially pleased with how quickly they can identify issues with defined terms. They are thrilled when EagleEye points to content issues that are difficult to find with manual document review. Also, associates tell us that EagleEye has improved their job satisfaction by minimizing tedious tasks and accelerating document turnaround.”

Tom O’Sullivan, Founder & Chairman at Microsystems, commented: “Microsystems is proud to partner with LexisNexis on its next generation of legal drafting solutions. The integration of EagleEye as a key component of LexisDraft is an exciting step forward in improving the way lawyers work. Whether as a part of LexisDraft for the UK or on its own for North American law firms, EagleEye provides an easy-to-use solution that helps lawyers improve client service and maximize profitability.”

Christian Fleck, LexisNexis Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Microsoft, Business Integrity and Microsystems. By connecting our content and their unique technologies, we can now support lawyers throughout the drafting process in Microsoft Word. LexisDraft is the first in a number of new services that will be released over the next 12 months, providing lawyers with tools to achieve great results, quickly and accurately.”

About Microsystems

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