Sally Hulston

Lewis Silkin

Sally Hulston is the driving force behind the rise of Lewis Silkin’s Northern offices. Since joining in September 2022 to kickstart the Manchester operation along with a team of three other employment lawyers, she has also led the inception of the Leeds office and now oversees both locations, which houses a 28-strong group.

When Hulston is not tending to her duty as Queen of the North, her prowess in employment law shines as she navigates high-stakes cases, particularly in the Me Too and discrimination space. She has also helped to secure mandates from major gaming and entertainment giants this year too.

Beyond legal triumphs, Hulston has also crafted a community of over 500 in-house employment lawyers, merging her group with Lewis Silkin’s when she joined the firm, all the while managing a bustling household with two boys and the irresistible charm of an Australian Labradoodle.

As 2024 unfolds, Hulston is excited to keep up momentum of the northern operation, helping Lewis Silkin to start executing its plan to triple the size of the team. The pace is about to pick up for this employment partner, who has already been travelling at 100 mph.