Paul Brown KC

Landmark Chambers

To Landmark Chambers’ Paul Brown KC, no single issue is more pressing to the future of the human race than the climate crisis we now find ourselves in. In his own words: “I’m under no illusion that any one person will be able to say, ‘I brought an end to climate change’, but I’d like to say at the end of my career that I’ve done my bit.”

In doing his bit, Brown has become the point man of environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth (FoE), regularly appearing on its most important legal challenges. He hopes his work on the West Cumbria coal mine inquiry will lead to a judicial review of the decision to grant the mine approval to proceed. Despite the lack of on-his-feet advocacy work, Brown didn’t charge FoE a penny for the work; instead he took it on pro bono, putting his money, or lack thereof in this instance, firmly where his mouth is on climate issues.

Away from his work trying to defend the climate, Brown has also been involved in a range of cases concerning migrants. Brown has been pivotal in finding safe, adequate and plentiful housing for people facing unimaginable hardships in acting for the Secretary of State who requires expert advice and the most humane and empathetic solutions to one the biggest political questions currently facing Britain.