Most Innovative Technology Initiative

The content of entries should refer to work carried out from 1st October 2017 to the present-day time involving Continental European clients and offices. Entries are welcomed for both domestic and cross-border work for Continental European clients, this can be led from Continental European offices from any firm or from a London / US office on behalf of a European client.

The judges will be looking for examples of innovative technology-based products or internal process developments that highlight the work handled by the technology professionals. You should include details of how this impacts on client service and benefits the business.

The entry form will ask you for:

Details of a project or product innovation, including information on specific objectives, timeframes, implementation and results (either qualitative or quantitative)

Please provide evidence of:

  1. How the project or product has improved efficiency and ultimately client service provision
  2. Operational excellence
  3. Creativity / innovative thinking
  4. Senior buy-in from across the organisation

You will also be asked to provide:

  • A brief description of the roles played by key members of the team
  • Details (including contact data where possible) of third party suppliers or vendors whose products feature in the submission