Law Firm of the Year: Switzerland

This category is only open to independent firms. Those which are headquartered outside Continental Europe or are members of a branded international alliance are ineligible. 

To enter you must complete an entry form (ensuring that you address as many of the points below as possible) and submit it online. The entry forms are category specific, so please ensure that you complete the correct one. 

Winning firms will be able to demonstrate that they have had an exceptional year, managing the pressures of the economic environment while maintaining high levels of client service. We are looking for firms that can clearly articulate their strategy and vision for the future, both in terms of significant developments in the past year and planned investment.

We are focusing particularly on firms able to demonstrate that they are capable of operating in the global economy and are looking for evidence of strategic initiatives aimed at growing cross-border and referral work, both inbound and outbound.

The entry form will ask you for examples and details covering the below points; the strongest entries should address all these points, though please note it is not compulsory to answer each section and you may weight your answers as you see fit:

• Significant operational developments in this region/jurisdiction within the past year (examples may include new office openings, mergers, management changes, key hires)

• Evidence of initiatives developing referral and cross-border work into and out of this region/jurisdiction (include examples of firms/clients you are working with where possible)

• Evidence of new initiatives in diversity, employee training and development in this region/jurisdiction

• Evidence of how your firm plans to develop its long-term strategy in this region/jurisdiction (include examples of any structural changes and investment planned)

• Evidence of use of technology and improvement in processes and operations that enhance service delivery to clients

You will also be asked to detail financial performance; it is beneficial to provide some information in this area if possible. If you wish this information to be kept confidential and for judges’ eyes only, please ensure you mark it as CONFIDENTIAL on the form.

Once complete the entry template should not exceed 1,500 words (excluding headers).