This category is open to teams within in-house legal departments who are responsible for the business’s legal operations function (it is not open to vendors or providers of ancillary services to the in-house legal sector such as IT businesses)

 To enter you must complete the entry form on the online entry portal.



Don’t forget, you can log in and out of the entry portal as many times as you like prior to submitting.

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The entry form covers the following areas:

  • Background – your company and your team (750 words)
    • Our judges will want to understand the context in which your operations function works, both at a company level and within the wider business sector, to help them position your achievements. We also want to see an outline of the team itself, how it’s set-up, what the legal team and the company expects of it and how it’s advanced in the past 18 months. Be clear as to whether this is a separate function within legal, or a subset of the legal team who take on responsibility for legal operations
  • Your team’s story in 2020 (750 words)
    • Our judges will be looking for specific examples of why your team has had a stellar year – think about any specific challenges you overcame or projects you were tasked with, and what pressures you had to deal with. Focus on examples that are unique to your company, and that demonstrate creative and innovative problem-solving. If you worked with an external provider, detail the challenges and opportunities this presented; if you developed your own process improvements in-house, how and why did this manifest and where did you overcome obstacles. Be sure that all examples are presented through the lens of how your work benefits the wider business, and be honest when reflecting on lessons learned over the past 18 months.
  • Your partners
    • The judges will want to grasp how your team fits within the wider business and who you work with externally
  • Additional materials
    • You should use this section to upload any charts or other visual aids that illustrate your work, or testimonials from internal or external stakeholders to support your claims. In addition, you may wish to include extra detail of third parties and the operations team itself


There is a confidential information section on the form: We fully appreciate that some of the information you include in your entry may be sensitive. We want to encourage you to submit as much detail as possible, including financial details, therefore please include in this section any sensitive information that should be treated for judges’ eyes only.

Previous winners:   
2020 Royal London

Entries are welcome from:

In-house legal teams / legal operations teams