George Bisnought

Excello Law

Being an entrepreneur in a profession that relishes the comfort of tradition can be hard, but Excello Law founder George Bisnought is all about breaking down boundaries. Having spent time in both traditional private practice and as general counsel, Bisnought launched fee-sharing firm Excello Law in 2009 determined to create a new agile style of firm.

Since then, the emphasis has been on sustainable and profitable growth, with the firm now home to more than 200 lawyers. Last year, Excello made its first acquisition, bringing in 40 lawyers from My Business Counsel. The move is being closely watched by fee-sharing peers with the sector expected to enter a period of consolidation as costs rise.

While Bisnought is rightly proud of Excello’s success in recent years, his personal highlight of 2023 was the launch of The Pearlford Foundation. Inspired by his parents’ resilience as part of the Windrush generation, the foundation offers bursaries and mentoring programmes to create opportunities for wannabe lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds. His mission to broaden pathways into the profession is only just beginning but it is already making a difference.