Fiona Meany


When workspace is your business, then you’re right at the centre of one of the biggest socio-economic transformations in decades. So it’s just as well that being agile is second nature to Fiona Meany. She is both global head of litigation at real estate advisory business JLL and the global GC for JLL’s financial valuations business.

Meany’s litigation team is growing in reputation and internal influence, with an increasingly important role given the current scrutiny of sustainability in real estate. As a member of the Law Society’s Civil Justice Committee, Meany is already practised in seeing the bigger picture. This year will see the sparky, straight-talking Meany continue to focus on building pathways for JLL’s litigation lawyers to broaden their experience of risk-spotting and give them a greater exposure to the wider business environment.

And to top all this, there’s AI. Meany already has substantial experience of supporting JLL GPT, the ambitious Gen AI project unveiled by the technology division last year. JLL GPT will continue to be a major focus for Meany this year, with the company planning to offer a client-facing solution that will continue to demand strictly-governed data standards.