European Litigation of the Year

Entries into this category should focus on one standout matter in which judgment was delivered after 1 October 2017 and the present time involving Continental European clients and offices. Entries are welcomed for both domestic and cross-border work for Continental European clients, led from Continental European offices from any firm. Work led from London is not eligible for entry in this category.

Although we recognise that it is always preferable to engage in mediation or dispute resolution, this category can only recognise cases that are on public record. The category is open to lawyers specialising in insurance, reinsurance, construction, tax & trusts, defamation, as well as general commercial litigation.

Ongoing cases will not be considered.

Entries may come from a single firm or more than one firm working as co-counsel for a single client across several jurisdictions. Multiple entries from one firm are acceptable.

Once complete the entry template should not exceed 1,500 words (excluding headers).

The entry form will ask you for:

A) Full details of the chosen cases including:

  1. Overview of the case / matter / transaction
  2. Market context
  3. History of the client relationship
  4. Evidence of technical/structural innovation
  5. Evidence of innovation in client service, including pricing
  6. Measurable outcomes

B) A list of all major parties (individuals and firms) involved in the case, including (where appropriate) key advisers, associates, partners and in-house counsel.

C) Supporting evidence of the team’s performance over the year, including details of:

  1. Innovation in pricing and service delivery
  2. Client wins
  3. Efficacy in closing case
  4. Sensitivity to political considerations
  5. Outcomes – what does your work mean to the clients you serve
  6. Precedents set

Please note that while the strongest entries should address most of these points, it is not compulsory to answer each section and you may weight your answers as you see fit