Davinder Mann

UK Infrastructure Bank

Since assuming the role of general counsel at the UK Infrastructure Bank in September 2022, Davinder Mann has achieved remarkable milestones, aligning with the bank’s strategic goals of addressing climate change and bolstering regional economic growth. Indeed, Mann has been busy building relationships with regional firms and has successfully assembled a dynamic and diverse eight-member in-house legal team based in Leeds.

Despite its compact size, Mann’s legal team has evolved beyond a traditional back-office function, seamlessly integrating with the banking team. As key interlocutors, they play a pivotal role in maintaining the agility and pace crucial for achieving the UK Government’s net-zero emissions target by 2050. The team’s achievements in the past year include a £240m debt guarantee for Gigaclear’s rural fibre broadband expansion, a £60m direct equity investment in the North East semiconductor supply chain, and a £24m equity investment in Cornish Lithium for the development of the UK’s critical minerals supply chain.

Mann’s leadership has not only transformed the legal team into a strategic asset but has also propelled the bank to success across diverse sectors and regions, while her influence has also extended to the governance function, where she has assembled a dedicated team in her additional role as co-sec.