David Hunter

Bates Wells

David Hunter, with over 30 years of legal expertise, found newfound joy in his profession after pivoting his practice more than a decade ago towards advising purpose-driven organisations focused on creating a positive impact. The effect has been transformative.

Over the past three years, Hunter has intensified his efforts, contributing significantly to the field. He joined the Law Society Climate Change Working Party, assumed a role as a part-time UK regional board member for the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers and  was a founding director at the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance.

In 2023, he also played a pivotal role at Bates Wells in co-founding the Legal Charter 1.5 and provided valuable insights into the Law Society’s Climate Change Guidance, sparking a crucial discussion on advised emissions.

Hunter is also at the forefront of environmental sustainability. Notably, in 2023 he guided a new higher and further education college in the Brecon Beacons, structuring charitable and non-charitable entities and securing social investment to establish the college, which offers the first UK-based degree focused on preparing graduates for a climate-stressed world.

Looking ahead, Hunter anticipates engaging in cutting-edge work. He aims to address critical questions such as how to direct capital to protect nature without commodifying it, incorporating nature into company boards, and tackling the biodiversity crisis. The legal industry is lucky to have Hunter keeping it on the straight and narrow.