Daniel Beard KC

Monckton Chambers

With clients including Apple, Microsoft, and Sony demanding his attention, Monckton Chambers’ Daniel Beard KC is among the most in-demand silks at the Inns of Court. Whether it’s dealing with a growing volume of class actions, or challenging competition authority decisions, Beard is reshaping the boundaries of competition law both at home and abroad. Along with his regular appearances in the Competition Appeal Tribunal, he is widely regarded as a leading figure in the EU Court of Justice and General Court in Luxembourg.

An intellectual heavyweight, Beard is a passionate advocate who can present the most complex matters in neat, persuasive arguments that satisfy the demands of both clients and courts. The tech giants will face increased regulatory scrutiny from around the globe in 2024. For these clients, securing Beard as barrister is equivalent to gold-plating any required defence, potentially protecting billions in revenue.