Caroline Turner-Inskip

Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons partner Caroline Turner-Inskip is on a mission to make lawyer wellbeing a business-critical feature of her firm. Early last year she persuaded Simmons’ senior management to support her mission and was appointed as the firms’ inaugural wellbeing officer responsible for developing a wellbeing policy that underpins strategic growth at all levels.

Turner-Inskip is passionate about developing wellbeing support that is both credible and authentic. This means building a programme that reaches beyond the occasional seminar for volunteer attendees. In 2023, for example, she launched a partner-specific wellbeing programme that involves partners being taught a range of skills from how to better understand themselves and their own emotions, as well as how to manage teams and how to deal with individuals in crisis. She wants those partners to lead by example, by doing so, she says, they encourage others to be proactive in managing their mental health.

Turner-Inskip is widely admired within Simmons for driving through incremental working policy shifts that have significant consequences for improving professional careers.