This category is open to vendors or providers of ancillary services to the legal sector, such as IT businesses.

 To enter you must complete the entry form on the online entry portal.


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The entry form will ask you to detail a technology-based product that has been successfully implemented within a legal services provision business as follows:

  • Objective (500 words)
    • Our judges will want to understand the context in which the product was developed and implemented; was it designed for a specific client to a bespoke brief, or is it a more universal tool that has a wider application? If the former, please also include a brief history of your relationship with the client and the briefing process. You should refer to any specific challenges presented by the market segment in which the product is used.
  • Implementation (750 words)
    • Our judges will be looking for the standout features of this product, and how it has been successfully implemented. Please be as specific as possible when detailing how the team worked on the project alongside the client and what obstacles were overcome. Be sure to include details of any modifications that were made to the product during implementation.
  • Success (500 words)
    • While it is presumed that the product met or exceeded the client brief, our judges will want to see evidence as to what extent it has improved efficiency and ultimately service provision for the client. Please also include details of the post-delivery phase, and any future opportunities presented by the ongoing client relationship and/or development of the tool for wider use
  • Additional materials
    • You should use this section to upload any client testimonials that add weight to your entry, and any charts or other visual aids that illustrate your work


There is a confidential information section on the form: We fully appreciate that some of the information you include in your entry may be sensitive. We want to encourage you to submit as much detail as possible, including financial details, therefore please include in this section any sensitive information that should be treated for judges’ eyes only.

Previous winners:   
2020 Settify
2019 CrowdJustice

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Vendors or providers of ancillary services to the legal sector