Andy Gillen

Travers Smith

Travers Smith’s new senior partner Andrew Gillen was knocking challenge after challenge out of the park in 2023. Having already been juggling the roles of corporate M&A head and international board member before coming into his latest position, Gillen came out victorious in last year’s leadership election, replacing acting senior partner Siân Keall who had filled the spot after Kathleen Russ stood down early in May.

Following a turbulent time for Travers after a series of partner exits in the first quarter of last year, Gillen prioritised chatting with members of the partnership to assess morale and collaborate on plans to strengthen retention and the firm’s foothold on the international market.

Last year also saw him work a record total of 12 public takeover deals including long-time key client Numis’ acquisition by Deutsche Bank. On this fee-earning side of the job, he looks forward to focusing on strategy to strengthen Travers’ offering on ESG and technology matters.

While Gillen expects to face a heavy workload in 2024, getting to spend more of his personal time travelling with his wife as his three children move on to early independent adulthood is sure to help keep him centred through it all.