This year we’ll be focusing on strategy and growth in a post-pandemic world, looking at different firms’ positions in their market segments and their client relationships, their tech and modernisation journeys. So, when you’re putting the submission together, tell us a clear story backed up with evidence. Not all the judges will necessarily be familiar with your firm, so we suggest a clear-eyed summary of your market position. How would you segment your client base?  If you’re making hires, what specific part of the market are you addressing and why? If you’re investing in tech, how much will that differentiate you? What are the specific competitive challenges in your sector, from pricing to talent? What strategy have you executed to overcome or mitigate them? Based on those questions, how would you define what success looks like to you?

While we are big fans of purpose and D&I as guiding principles, please avoid text that simply pledges how committed you are to them. For example, if you’re speaking about inclusion initiatives then tell us the problems have identified and how you have been overcoming them. Please feel free to state the demographics of the firm in an appendix, as context.

For the shortlisted submissions, we’ll be turning the answers to all of these questions – supplemented with interviews with the leadership team – into a highly readable narrative of operational and strategic purpose which the firm will be able to use in its own marketing and which will form an invaluable leadership resource for subscribers.

The managing partner or equivalent from the shortlisted firm will be invited to a virtual chat with the editors about the leadership challenges they have faced, where they think their sector of the legal market is going and the advice they would give to others in management positions