This year we’re focusing on the people that improved and advocated for the process, with a focus on teamwork, and we want to showcase your up and coming stars in the team. So, when you’re putting the submission together – think about the project itself. What were the problems you were trying to overcome, and can you tell us the story of all the aspects you had to consider? Were there any regulatory or risk hurdles? What did the team do to overcome or mitigate them? Was there a lightbulb moment? Who was on the full team and how much did you bring in external counsel on the project?

We’ll be turning the answers to all of these questions – supplemented with interviews with the ops lead – into a highly readable narrative and case study of technical brilliance, project management and client relationship which the team will be able to use in its own comms.

We’ll want to speak to the ops lead, of course, but we also want to speak to any up-and-coming member of the team who helped make the project a success, the GC / head of legal or external lawyer who was drafted in.

TLA is going to spearhead a wide programme of talent recognition by TL – the ops leads from the shortlisted project will be invited to a virtual chat with the editors about career opportunities in operations and their own learnings along the way, where they think the ops world is going and the advice they would give to anyone wanting to make a career in ops and business improvement.