Where is it all going: Outsourcing trends in the in-house community



In-house teams are under immense cost and headcount pressures, with the situation set to get even tougher in the current economic environment. This session looks at some of the trends we are observing within the industry, such as outsourcing and managed legal services, while trying to predict what the future might look like:

  • As legal departments are considering the areas where work can easily be outsourced together with the risk associated with it, what are the main trends observed in the market at the moment?
  • Is there a degree of consistency in terms of how companies are approaching this?
  • Are there any examples of innovative fee arrangements and law firm relationships that emerged during lockdown?
  • How do teams strike the right balance between law firms and ALSPs?

How can in-house lawyers maintain good business partnering relations with commercial colleagues when for cost and simplicity reasons, certain work is being outsourced?