The role of lawyers in shaping the future and “building back better” and smarter



Everyone agrees that things should be different after the pandemic. What part can lawyers and their legal teams play in making things better and shaping the future? Has COVID temporarily stopped the way we used to do things, or will it mark a more fundamental change?

The UK Government and businesses are developing a “build back better” agenda. How are we responding?

  • How is the notion of “building back better” influencing things? How are companies and their legal teams shaping their strategies in the “new normal”?
  • What will 2022 look like for the legal community and the wider business community?
  • What are the strategic requirements for your legal function, in order to maximise learnings from our shared experience from the last year?
  • Beyond COVID, this past year has seen a renewed focus on social issues; What does a “building back better” framework look like from a practical perspective to start to address these issues in a robust manner?”
  • How do we contribute to a greener and more sustainable economy per the UK Government’s stated intention?
  • Can collaboration, training, knowledge sharing, creativity and innovation thrive remotely?
  • How do we support the COVID generation, the junior colleagues and trainees starting their careers during this period?