The role of BD and marketing in the changing world



  • The practice of law firms is widely recognised but not traditionally renowned for keeping apace with society’s changing demands and the new ways of the world. As people and the environment we operate within changes, are firms adapting fast enough to remain an attractive business for clients? Has COVID-19 been the driving force for the modernisation of law firm operations and communication?
  • How will the global political agenda affect the global business of firms?
  • What effect is public lobbying having on law firms and what is the role of BD and Marketing in communicating the firm’s values?
  • What changes have been made as a result of the lockdown period? Has this shift brought firms in line with everchanging societal norms?
  • How are BD and Marketing leaders adapting to the recent changes?
  • Will this have a domino effect on how clients are serviced?
  • Should this change come from the top down or from the outside in?