The new face of doing business: what does the new normal look like?



There is a consensus that the “new normal” will look very different for a lot of businesses, and we are already seeing evidence of this. Legal teams have had to and will continue to have to make tough decisions alongside navigating some pretty difficult scenarios, as we are heading out of the crisis and into a potential recession.

  • During the crisis, businesses have had to pivot quickly and change their focus within days; risk tolerance was also higher with most companies practicing a “let’s just do it” mentality; have businesses begun the move away from this mentality to more strategic longer-term projects? What does this process look like in practice?
  • How do you revert from a fire-fighting mode that mainly focused on continuing to serve clients, to trying to generate new growth and embracing the current world we live in, and its opportunities? What is the legal team’s role in this?
  • Has your legal function simply revised the strategic plans they had in place at the start of the year, or have you started from scratch with this?