Step 3: Implementing the strategy, delivering the dream and achieving your ambitions

Stream 1: Business Strategy


Developing a winning strategy is only the first step in ensuring long term success. The hard part is actually implementing that strategy and delivering the dream. What are the structural changes needed to successfully diversify and transform your firm?

• Tips on successfully implementing organizational change to enable the development of new services and products that can be monetized.
• How do you actually find who your champions are and how do you liberate them to help with that development?
• How do you change your investment culture to back the cost of doing this?
• To run a top-quality technical consultancy, it’s not enough to ask a lawyer to reskill or to train people. What type of experts do you need to create a consultancy arm of the business? Must it be a separate “arm” or can it be integrated?
• How are firms going to deal culturally and economically with attracting and bringing in people with different skill sets?