The roundtables are a great opportunity to network and share ideas with like-minded industry peers in a less formal environment. Attendees will have several interactive roundtables to choose from focusing on specific challenges identified by the in-house community.

How does it work?

All roundtables will take place at the same time and each will be led by an industry expert. You can choose one of these topic-specific roundtable discussions to benchmark, learn and debate with your peers. All roundtables are repeated again throughout the 3-day programme, so every delegate will have the opportunity to take part in 2-3 different discussions.

What we ask:

The virtual nature of these sessions means they are only truly successful when attendees are actively involved in the discussion – they are not intended as a passive listening experience. Turning on your camera is essential in helping you overcome some of the challenges of participating in a remote session; seeing and being seen by the rest of the group will improve your experience and make it easier for everyone to share their views and insights. We’ll take care of the rest; this is all we ask for a good discussion worthy of your time!