[Roundtable H] The art of saying ‘no’ and of letting things go



It’s a truth that legal teams often do not need to review everything they are asked to. Are you and your team confident to say “no? This roundtable discussion looks initiatives to free up lawyer’s time to work on the things with elevated legal risks, including the power of a positive “no” that still gets you to a “yes”, and saying no without feeling guilty.

  • Being more critical about what you do as a team and why rather than just because it’s always been done that way or because the business asked you to
  • Identifying what matters for the business. Making sure the legal team’s work is aligned with the business strategy
  • Getting the message out to the business about what the legal team does. Co-creating acceptable risk within the business
  • Having firm policies and procedures in place for what you do and what you don’t do