[Roundtable G] Wellbeing in an era of always being “on”



Law has always had a culture of “always working” and “always be available”. COVID-19 and remote working have exacerbated this, with most of us having no clear delineation between work and non-work. Join this roundtable to discuss techniques for looking after mental and physical health and the ability of the team to sustain itself and be able to work and deliver.

  • How are we redefining the work-home balance given that the personal vs. work dimension has been blurred considerably?
  • How do you set appropriate boundaries, both as a manager and as an employee, to ensure you are maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
  • The importance of leading by example, setting expectations and offering employees a clear understanding of what is expected vs. what isn’t expected
  • Sharing personal examples and advice on coping. What techniques have you used for yourself and your team to avoid being overwhelmed?
  • The importance of learning new ways of managing, coping and juggling during times of challenge.