Roundtable E: Risk allocation: insuring litigation and other known legal risks


Join this roundtable to discuss how Contingent Legal Risk Insurance (CLRI) can be used by in-house teams to de-risk one-off identified issues, including litigation, which might otherwise adversely affect their business or prevent a transaction.

  • What is CLRI and how could it be used by in-house legal teams?
  • Does your organisation face disruptive vexatious and/or opportunistic claims?
  • Could a higher than anticipated damages award interrupt your organisation’s plans?
  • Could locking in a positive judgment and eliminating appellate risk help you manage risk in your organisation?
  • How could you use CLRI to protect against an adverse interpretation of a law, regulation or contract?
  • Could using CLRI enable the secure release of trapped cash by transferring the risk of potential residual liability to the insurer?

Natasha Shoult, Senior Underwriter, Contingent Legal Risk Insurance, Liberty Global Transaction Solutions