[Roundtable C] Post-Merger Integration after the Pandemic: what are the emerging pitfalls?



Out of the shockwave of the pandemic comes the hottest M&A market since the dotcom bubble (remember how that ended).  Buoyed by SPACs, unprecedented liquidity, and limitless government spending, we have now had three consecutive quarters of +$1 trillion in M&A deals.

Against the pacesetting speed of virtual-remote diligence exercises, negotiations, and closings lurk the harsher realities of delivering post-deal synergies.  Investors are all too aware that many deals won’t return shareholder value.

The emerging post-corona regulatory landscape suggests that corporate legal teams will have more influence than ever over integrations. Lex Mundi’s 2021 Global M&A Trends Report and Risk Navigator Tool identify some of the trends to watch across different regions.

This roundtable will ask General Counsel to share their experiences with how they are supporting acquisition strategies and what lessons they have learned in the current environment.