[Roundtable C] Looking to the future – the next stage of legal tech investment for your firm



The results of a 2021 research by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) show that during the global pandemic legal firms in the UK implemented new tech to improve two areas in particular: work process and client interaction. Furthermore, the majority of these firms, regardless of size, reported that changes made to help them deliver services during the pandemic were nowhere to stay.

Join this roundtable to find out what challenges managing partners can anticipate when looking at the next stage of legal tech investment for their firms:

  • Old vs new: the office working model vs the digital workplace (work-from-anywhere)
  • How these models affect productivity, efficiency and service delivery
  • How can managing partners ensure they are getting the right tech for the future?
  • What are the challenges from an operational and IT perspective?
  • How to create and sustain a competitive edge through new technology
  • How to ensure the positive changes arising from new ways of working and doing business are embedded within the firm to maximise productivity and service delivery