ROUNDTABLE A: What are the top levers for cost-savings in a legal function?



The global pandemic has triggered a downturn with no precedent. In this volatile environment, legal leaders face unprecedented challenges, including frozen or reduced budgets and headcount, unpredictable workstreams, and strained internal resources. In some cases, clients can no longer rely on small incremental savings over time and are looking at new ways to rethink the way legal services are delivered and providing better services and experiences to their in-house teams and internal customers in the process.

In this roundtable, we will explore:

  • What are the levers at a GC’s or a Legal Operations Director’s disposal to generate a mix of fast, medium and long term savings?
  • How are these measured and demonstrated to the business?
  • How can legal departments achieve a step-change in the cost efficiency of the function and unlock value from an increasingly diverse and differentiated legal services market?