Roundtable 5: Recruiting amid applicant and employee concerns



  • Every firm wants to attract talented BD and Marketing individuals, but what are the key concerns of the applicants of today and how does this align with the culture of firms? How do you remain an attractive job prospect?

    What is the working model for the law firm of the future?

  • Does recruiting a diverse cohort result in diverse thought processes and solutions? Can this pool be broadened out if the job is no longer London office based?
  • With the new generation prioritising firms based on their social, economic and environmental contributions, how can you reconcile this with your firms’ image to remain an attractive job prospect?
  • How do you build a culture that attracts the best talent in a competitive market?
  • How can the BD and marketing community positively disrupt the way they are viewed in the legal industry? Are there any Marketing success stories from the past few months?