Re-evaluating and justifying your purpose as a business



The notion of purpose has been turbo-boosted by COVID-19 and the renewed focus on social injustices, highlighting the need for introspection and asking about your purpose as a business.


With so many companies going through difficult financial times and having their business models completely thrown out the window, it’s never been more important to have a clear answer on what you do, why you are doing it and how you would do that differently in the future.


  • Redefining your purpose and reviewing your values: are they fit for now, for your future business? Re-establishing your WHY
  • What role can the GC play in re-evaluating the purpose of the business in light of COVID and the external pressures from investors, shareholders and other stakeholders?
  • Are legal teams also redefining their purpose? Has your purpose as a team been redefined with changing business priorities?