Profitability v purpose: What do you stand for as an organisation?



What is the purpose of your law firm and what stands at the heart of your business strategy? Are your principles widely understood, accepted and acted upon by employees?

This session will take a look at the WHY: why we’re in business, why do we choose the clients that we choose and why do we do the things that we do?:

• What do you stand for as an organisation? Does it ignite passion in your people?
• How do you identify and agree on what your purpose is as a firm? What are the benefits of having a purpose?
• Profit for purpose: connecting purpose to good business and how a firm’s purpose can manifest in its decision making
• How do you create a purpose-led firm that continues to attract and retain talent, while growing your client base and choosing them more carefully?
• Is the equity model consistent with long-term planning, investment and sustainability?
• Are you building something that goes beyond the trade, into a business that can adapt and accommodate a huge variety of people and deliver a vast variety of services?