Machine + Human: How advances in AI technology can be leveraged by in-house teams to drive efficiency



Every organization is now grappling with combing through massive amounts of internal data to respond to internal investigations and the relentless onslaught of DSARs. As data volumes continue to grow and data sources increasingly diversify, this process will be only become more expensive and time-consuming, swallowing up valuable internal resources at a time when in-house teams are already being asked to do more with less. Advancements in AI and analytic technology can now be
leveraged to overcome some of these challenges.

• How has AI technology advanced in the last few years? Please note that this programme is still a draft, with all sessions and timings subject to change while we finalise everything.
• Is new AI technology now more capable of more efficiently identifying personal information within company data?
• How are organizations leveraging advances in AI technology to help respond to DSARs and internal investigations?
• How can in-house teams drive adoption of AI technology and build a business case within their organizations for onboarding newer technology to help analyze and manage internal data.