Law firm relationship status update: it’s all about value, efficiency and doing things differently



The increased pressure on cost efficiencies that most in-house teams are experiencing at the moment means there is a big focus on revamping external counsel relationships, minimising spent and maximising value. Is law still about selling people to people?

Join this session to hear the panel discuss:

  • Has the pandemic and current economic climate changed the long-term dynamics between firms and their clients?
  • Are law firm-client relationships changing? How are GCs envisioning their interactions with law firms to look like going forward?
  • Are the “shiny toys” distracting us from what really matters, business partnerships and customer service?
  • What does being creative with your law firm panel and doing things differently look like in practice?
  • Is there a need for more collaboration and coordination within the in-house community when it comes to driving improvements to law firm-client relationships? What more can GCs do?