Is well-being achievable in the overtime model?



The law firm model is fragile because it’s based entirely on the discretionary effort from staff to work longer than the hours they are contracted for. This model is rapidly becoming unsustainable, given the growing wellbeing concerns within the industry as well as the changing expectations from new entrants. Issues discussed in this session include:

• The movement from reactive to proactive: what are the proactive activities law firms are putting in place, that are altering behaviours and approaches?
• What is the alternative to the overtime model? What is your back-up plan for a future where money is no longer enough of an incentive?
• What impact is tech having on wellbeing and the pressure to always be reachable?
• Has there been any genuine change in the industry? Are there any metrics about the scale of the problem and the progress made so far?
• Are clients onboard with this change and comfortable with a longer turnover time?