Is ESG the opportunity GCs have been waiting for?



With ESG assets now reaching more than $30tn globally and expected to grow significantly, it is safe to say ESG will play a major role in defining the future. The rise of focus on ESG is so prevalent that it is bound to become a key performance driver going forward and businesses need to factor it ineffectively. While Legal isn’t automatically involved in these discussions, GCs will not have a more powerful opportunity than this to be at the front and centre of things while promoting a worthwhile agenda.

Grasping the opportunity

Although GCs might feel out of their comfort zone, this is the perfect opportunity for all those wishing to increase their influence within the business.

How can GCs take advantage of the opportunity ESG represents?

Making it a priority

How do you make ESG a priority at a time when your business is dealing with so many other pressing issues? How do you make it real?

Maximising ESG value

How do you add value to the business through ESG? How do you capture relevant activities and collect meaningful metrics? How can you maximize value and get the most out of it?

Making it meaningful

Legal requirements vs. best practice. How are companies avoiding greenwashing and trying to implement a genuinely sustainable thought process?