How do we move the dial on diversity and inclusion?



There is an undeniable focus on D&I in the legal community, with most firms and in-house teams committed to driving change in this area. But sometimes change happens too slow, with too few meaningful outcomes.

To truly move the dial on diversity and inclusion, it takes leaders within the industry to be determined on making a real impact and lead by example.

How can we lead and change a fundamentally structural problem?


  • Changing the talent pipeline to making a positive impact on representation in the legal industry
  • How are you collect and measuring D&I data to build a reliable picture of what you and your legal suppliers are achieving, of what changes are actually happening?
  • Ensuring that teams are staffed in a diverse way and that underrepresented members of the team are getting access to substantial work that will enable them to develop their careers
  • Diversity means more than gender and race: the need to talk more about neurodiversity in the legal profession, the stigma/ stereotypes around it and how we can support neurodiversity in their workplace