How can the financial services sector lead on ESG?



ESG remains at the top of business agendas this year with increased scrutiny on what firms can do to contribute to building back a better world post-pandemic, but what is the role that financial services can actively play in all of this and how can firms incorporate ESG to drive strategic objectives?

  • How will ESG evolve in the coming years and what is its role in value creation?
  • What are the metrics and goals in measuring the success of ESG programs?
  • Is ESG becoming integral to financial performance in financial services and how can businesses manage investor expectations?
  • Can ESG be used as a proactive tool to mitigate risks, enhance market position and promote brand reputation?
  • How can legal teams support their businesses in creating sustainable operating models and prepare for regulatory developments, including the formal process of identifying and disclosing details of material risks and opportunities arising from climate change?